Virtual server

UCN account users have the ability to share information on the Internet through their own virtual web server. The server addresses are as follows: and For example: if Mr. Adam Nowak has an account named anowak, then his virtual server will be available at and

The service needs to be activated at where, after logging in the tab  "Strona www", you have to press "włącz serwer" and select the server type:

  • "Standard" (university staff and students). The website will be available within maximum 2 hours. udział sieciowy. In the user's home directory, a "public_html" directory will be created (if it does not exist) in which the files accessible via the web are to be placed. There are several ways of placing files on your own server. From within the WPUT network, this can be done using the ftp service by connecting to the address: ftp://"username" or by mapping your network share. From outside the network, the above methods will "work" if you first connect to the WPUT network using a VPN service. You can also upload your own files to the server using sftp or scp services. The program "WinSCP" may be useful here. As the server address you should enter: This method is recommended by UITC as it is the most secure one. If the website you are creating requires access to a database, the University Information Technology Centre provides access to the MySQL database for all UCN users. You can create your own database using the service: 
  • "CMS" (university staff). This system facilitates the creation of your own website as it does not require knowledge of HTML and allows you to publish content online without having to "manually" upload files to the server. We particularly encourage teaching staff to use the service as it enables them to publish teaching materials for students and announcements.

If you set up a website as part of your university account, it must comply with WCAG 2.1 standards in accordance with the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of Internet websites and mobile applications of public entities as well as, according to the recommendations of University authorities, the image of the websites should be uniform with the graphic image of the University websites.