About eduroam

The objective of the "eduroam" project is to provide Internet connectivity to every user present on the premises of the participating institution. Participation in the eduroam project by the home institution and the institution where the user is located is a precondition for using of the service.

Thanks to "eduroam", a WPUT UCN user being within the range of another institution's eduroam network may access the Internet using their existing login and password. In most cases, once configured, the device will be able to access the wireless network at any institution covered by the "eduroam" programme.

Projekt "eduroam" jest inicjatywą międzynarodową. W Polsce uczestnictwo w programie mogą zgłosić jednostki będące członkami The 'eduroam' project is an international initiative. In Poland, participation in the programme is open to entities that are members of"Konsorcjum Pionier".