OriginPro/Origin 2021b

The University Information Technology Centre hereby informs that a new version of OriginLab software is available e.i. Origin/Origin Pro 2021b. This time the program has been enriched with key functionalities in the context of maps and files with *shp extension (shapefile data), extended Phyton language environment available from the Origin level, simplified import of files containing climatic data, additional new functionalities in the context of work with graphs. Traditionally, users of the software, together with the next version, have received new templates for graphs as well as other highly specialized applications to be implemented in the software environment.

Origin/Origin Pro 2021b

  • new function - Insert Map to Graph
  • facilitated worksheet calculations
  • extended collection of sample codes in Phyton
  • new mini toolbars for 3D graphs
  • import of NetCDFfiles
  • import and export of SQLite files
  • new functionality for graphs - Data Slicer
  • extended graph templates - Graph Templates
  • additional types of graphs:

    • Network Plots
    • Grouped Marginal Plot
    • Durov Plot
    • Ribbon Chart

  • further applications/modules extending the functionality of the program


OriginPro2021b software installers (available after logging into the UCN)


OriginPro2021 software installers (available after logging into the UCN)


Installation instruction:

1.      Once you run the installer, accept the licence agreement first.

2.      Next, select full installation of the product.

3.      In the next step fill in the Serial Number field - GF3S5-3089-7909400

4.      Confirm the correctness of the information entered.

5.      Next, specify the directory where the software is to be installed.

6.      Finish the isntallation by clicking the Finish button.

7.      After you run the program for the first time, specify the folder where user's files will be stored.

8.      In the next step, enter the licence server information.


Serial Number: GF3S5-3089-7909400

FLEXlm Server: lm.zut.edu.pl

TCP/IP Port: 27003

9.      Once the form is clompleted, click  Update.  A message will confirm that the license has been downloaded correctly.


Additional information: