Configuration of the wireless network access - Windows 10

1) In the taskbar, in the bottom right corner, click the wireless network symbol.

2) In the list of networks found, select the wireless network named "ZUT".

3) Press the connect button.

4) Enter the WPUT UCN login and password and press "OK".

5) Verify the sertificate. Current certificates, valid until 09.02.2021r., have "finger prints" with values:

65:4E:0A:2D:4F:46:E8:44:BD:0A:44:D6:63:9B:2F:4A:90:B5:B4:81 and 91:37:C1:C3:D5:F2:EE:15:33:B3:25:5F:1E:0A:11:29:EB:E0:32:BE.

If the certificate is correct, select "Connect".

6) The connection with the wireless network should be establieshed.