Computing cluster

Computing server/cluster data:

  • 10  servers x86_64, 
  • 128 GB of RAM per server - 1280 GB in total, 
  • 20 Intel Xeon E5-2650 processors, 
  • 160 cores in total, 
  • 10Gbit Ethernet computer network, 
  • file systems: 

    • /home - default directories with user data (available e.g. through Microsoft Network), 
    • /tempfs - 1TB for temporary data - general rule that files older than 14 days are deleted, data is not backed up. If there is a need for storage, it is possible to set a longer time, currently only available from computing servers,

  • operating system compatible with RedHat Enterprise Linux 7, 
  • calculations can be performed by delegating computing tasks to a job queuing system consistent with SGE (formerly Sun Grid Engine), 
  • the default que is called all.q: 

    • a) cover /bin/bash 
    • b) maximum task working time - 72 hours (hard limit) 
    • c) maximum task processor time - 96 hours (hard limit) 
    • d) maximum task working time - 48 hours (soft limit) 
    • e) maximum task processor time - 72 hours (soft limit) 

  • available parallel computing environments:

    • smp - intended for parallel computing on a single machine
    • mpi - intended for parallel computing with the use of OpenMPI library and Ethernet 10Gbit network. 

It is possible to configure the SGE environment (special queue as well as parallel environment) dedicated to user application after providing of the necessary documentation of user application.
Access to the computing cluster is possible via ssh (access server name: and there is a possibility to configure a VNC connection for the user (Turbovnc - with an OpenMotif simple window interface.

Documentation for the job queuing system (SGE) is available on the server in man format and at

  • Currently available on the servers are matlab and mathematica, openmpi 1.10 libraries, Gnu C and Gnu Fortran compilers, basic R language package.
  • User applications can be installed upon delivery of media (and possible licenses) and documentation.

On computing servers there is a "maintenance window" every first Tuesday of the month from 9 am to 12 pm (if the first Tuesday of the month is a day off, then the maintenance window will move to the next working day). The purpose of this window is to install updates and perform the necessary maintenance work.

Access to the servers is available upon request of the interested parties - WPUT employees and doctoral level students. Please contact UITC in this matter.