The principles of using the WPUT Information Technology infrastructure

I     Definitions

  1. Information Technology Infrastructure (UCS) – computers with peripheral devices, data transmission devices, servers and mass storage, copper and fibre optic logical cabling and IT systems providing UITC services.
  2. Incident – any event which is not a part of the standard operation of an information technology service and which causes or may cause an interruption in the provision of that service or a deterioration in its quality.
  3. Network Infrastructure – devices for data transmission including cabling.
  4. UCS Account – a set of resources and licences within the IT system managed by the UITC.
  5. UITC – University Information Technology Centre.
  6. Network Share – the folder available to the user located on a server.
  7. UITC Service –the IT service provided by the University Information Technology Centre
  8. User – the person using the services provided by UITC.

II     The rules of using the UCS Account

  1. The UCS Account is assigned to each WPUT employee at the moment of entering into an employment relationship as well as to an undergraduate and doctoral student at the moment of commencing the education at WPUT.
  2. The Account may also be assigned to a person cooperating with WPUT at a justified request of the head of a WPUT organisational unit filed with the UITC director. The request shall include the IT services whereto the person shall have access as well as the period wherefor the access to the account shall be given. A consent for processing of personal data pursuant to the specimen available at shall be attached to the request.
  3. The manner of providing data necessary for obtaining the access to the USK Account shall be determined by the UITC director. The procedure of obtaining this data shall be published at
  4. The employee's UCS Account shall be blocked on the date of expiry/termination of the employment relationship. The data gathered in the account shall be deleted within a month of expiry/termination of the employment relationship.
  5. Persons who were employed by WPUT prior to their retirement may continue to use their e-mail accounts. An account that has not been active for over 1 year shall expire.
  6. The undergraduate/doctoral student's UCS Account shall be blocked on the date when the person loses his/her status of a WPUT undergraduate/doctoral student. The data gathered in the account shall be deleted within a month of losing the status of a WPUT undergraduate/doctoral student.
  7. The data used for verification of the UCS user's identity shall be confidential and shall not be transferred to anyone.
  8. The standard scope of rights assigned to users at the moment of creating the Account enables them to use the list of basic services provided by UITC published at
  9. The rights may be extended at a request of the head of the organisational unit. The detailed procedure of filing an application and the specimen application are available at
  10. The Account with limited rights may be assigned to organisational units and organisations operating at the University based on the application the specimen of which is also available at
  11. An organisational unit may receive an account for handling of the events such as conferences, seminars, etc. An application for creating of such an account shall be filed by the head of WPUT organisational unit with the UITC director. The account is created for a specific period of time.

III     The rules of using UCS services

  1. The UCS Account is an entitlement to using of the UCS Services.
  2. The list of services is available at
  3. The services mentioned in point 2 and the Internet access in the area of WPUT shall be provided  by the network infrastructure managed by the  UITC.
  4. The equipment used for data transfer may be connected to the network infrastructure and managed exclusively by authorised UITC staff.
  5. The WPUT network infrastructure shall not be used for purposes other than those related to work. In particular, it shall be prohibited to use it for commercial purposes without a respective agreement.
  6. The rules of using the WPUT network infrastructure in the area of the Students' Dormitories and the Assistants' Hotel shall be specified in separate regulations.
  7. All and any devices causing interferences with the computer network shall be immediately disconnected from the network.
  8. Business entities renting space in the area of WPUT may be connected to the network infrastructure based on an agreement with the Academic Information Technology Centre. The connection is provided by the UITC staff. For the purpose of transferring the data of business entities, a separate virtual computer network shall be created which is logically separated from the computer network of WPUT users. The Internet access for business entities shall be provided through a connection dedicated to them and managed by the Academic Information Technology Centre.
  9. The UITC shall provide support for users of its services. The procedure of reporting incidents and the manner of obtaining support are described at

 IV     The rules of using the computer hardware by the University staff

  1. The computer hardware owned by the University shall be handed over to the staff for use exclusively for work purposes.
  2. The data stored on data storage devices owned by the University may only contain files related to performance of work duties.
  3. Computers connected to the WPUT computer network shall be the members of the Active Directory domain managed by the UITC unless this is not possible for technical reasons (e.g. using of Linux or Windows Home). The names of computers in the domain shall comply with the rules developed by the UITC. A computer may be excluded from the Active Directory domain upon a justified request of the user filed with the UITC director.
  4. Installation of software on the computer hardware owned by the University shall only be allowed in the event when it is permitted by a respectable licence. The hardware user shall be obliged to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the software licence and respect them. Installation of any private software on the computers shall be prohibited.
  5. All and any documents confirming the right to use the software shall be stored for the whole period of using thereof in an organisational unit which has purchased the licence.
  6. The UITC shall be obliged to maintain the University hardware inventory system based on appropriate software for storing of data concerning the hardware, the software installed and the users responsible for its operation. The users shall make the hardware used by them available for installation of this system software or, where possible, install it themselves.
  7. Any private or other computers not owned by WPUT may be connected to the UCS exclusively through Wi-Fi or VPN. In exceptional cases, a consent for connection to the wired network may be issued by the UITC director based on a justified request of a user.

V     The rules of using the University portable computers by WPUT staff

  1. Portable computers shall be intended for work-related purposes. They shall not be made available to any unauthorised persons.
  2. If there is any data to be protected on a portable computer, the discs shall be encrypted with the use of IT tools provide by the UITC.
  3. During transport, a portable computer shall be protected from loss or theft.
  4. Passwords for accessing network services cannot be permanently stored in the client software used to access the services unless the password storage is encrypted and protected with a password.
  5. If the data displayed on a portable computer screen is subject to protection, the screen shall be protected from access of any unauthorised persons.

VI     The rules of using private equipment in the UCS by WPUT undergraduate and doctoral students as well as staff

  1. Undergraduate and doctoral students, for the purposes of their teaching process, as well as the staff, for the purposes of their duties, may connect their private mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops to the UCS wireless network for the purposes of their teaching process and staff for the purposes of their duties.
  2. The access to the UCS shall also be possible through the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provided by the UITC.
  3. Private computer hardware connected to the UCS shall meet the following requirements:

    • the operating system shall be up to date (i.e. the software version must be supported by the manufacturer and all available security updates must be installed),
    • the device shall have antivirus software with a current virus definition database installed on it,
    • the access to the device shall be protected with a password.

  4. Work-related files containing personal or other confidential data shall not be stored on any private equipment.
  5. Installation of software purchased by WPUT on private equipment shall only be possible if explicitly allowed by the licence conditions.

VII     The rules of maintaining IT security

  1. Each user of computer hardware shall be obliged to take care of the security of information gathered on data storage devices.
  2. The UITC shall be responsible for organisation of IT systems used for ensuring of IT security at WPUT.
  3. The UITC director shall establish the rules of securing data in IT systems.
  4. For security reasons, access to some services and Internet resources may be limited.
  5. Each user shall be obliged to undergo an annual training within the scope of safe use of the Internet. For training purposes, UITC shall provide courses on the e-learning platform (, the content whereof shall be updated regularly.
  6. The data processed by users, if it is technically possible, shall be placed in the network shares provided by the UITC. UITC shall be obliged to create spare copies of the data at least once a day.
  7. If it is not technically possible for a user to use the network share provided by UITC, he/she shall create spare copies himself/herself at least once a week.
  8. Anti-virus software shall be installed and launched on the computers connected to the network infrastructure. The virus signature databases shall be updated daily.
  9. Every operating system and type of software processing documents or using network services shall also be subject to the obligation of systematic updating.
  10. A designated person with computer hardware operating system administrator rights shall be responsible for software updates.
  11. Any computer hardware with the operating system not updated due to the end of the support process shall not be connected to the network infrastructure.
  12. The password securing the access to the account is subject to special protection. Users shall be obliged to comply with the rules of creating a password and its systematic change in accordance with the recommendations published on the UITC website.
  13. Your hard drive shall be protected from unauthorized access. In particular, if your computer needs to be sent to an external service centre, the drive shall be removed from the case. UITC employees may provide assistance therewith.
  14. If the computer hardware is used to process personal data, the user shall be obliged to comply with the provisions on the protection of personal data.

VIII     The rules of using the WPUT e-mail

  1. For contacts related to performance of work duties, the staff shall be obliged to use the e-mail account at
  2. In contacts with WPUT staff, undergraduate/doctoral students shall be obliged to use the e-mail account at apart from exceptional cases where access thereto is not possible.
  3. If an e-mail is sent to more than one recipient, the principle of concealing e-mail addresses shall be applied by entering them in the BCC (UDW) field. The principle shall not apply where all recipients are WPUT staff or students, the e-mail is sent to university addresses and there is a justified reason for the recipients to know the others.
  4. The so-called mass e-mail correspondence shall be sent to multiple recipients (more than 20) at the same time using only a specially created system managed by UITC. Persons who, for work-related purposes, need to send this type of e-mail shall report this fact to the UITC and then follow the instructions received.
  5. In the event when mass correspondence is addressed to persons who are not WPUT staff or undergraduate/doctoral students, an application for access to the service referred to in point 4 shall be submitted to UITC together with a statement that the recipients of the correspondence have agreed to receive the e-mails.
  6. WPUT staff and doctoral students, in correspondence which is sent using an e-mail account at, shall be obliged to sign the message by placing at least the following under its content:

    • name and surname;
    • the function performed;
    • the name of the unit where they are employed – e.g. Unit XYZ, Department XYZ, Faculty XYZ, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin;
    • telephone number.

 IX     The rules of publishing information on websites of the University staff and students

  1. The staff, undergraduate and doctoral students of West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, further referred to as website owners, have the right to launch their own websites on the University server.
  2. The website may function as a part of IT mechanisms provided by UITC described at Should any changes be introduced in these mechanisms, the user shall adjust his/her website on his/her own.
  3. The owner shall bear the legal responsibility for the functioning and content of the website.
  4. Home websites of WPUT staff and undergraduate/doctoral students shall not contain anything used in commercial activity.
  5. The content and form of information shall not violate any legal regulations, principles of social coexistence or good practice. In particular, the copyrights of any third parties and the regulations concerning personal data protection shall not be violated.
  6. The website owners shall be obliged to make sure that the materials published by them do not violate any copyrights. The materials published on the website shall be marked in accordance with respective licences. Publishing of any links to materials violating copyrigths shall not be allowed.
  7. The website owners shall be obliged to take care of the security of their websites. In particular, in the event of using their own content management software (CMS), not supported by UITC, they shall be obliged to update it regularly.
  8. UITC shall have the right to disable a website if it does not comply with the regulations.

X     The computer room functioning rules

  1. Each computer room shall have an authorised employee - supervisor, who is responsible for its functioning.
  2. The computer room supervisor shall be appointed by the head of WPUT organisational unit.
  3. The computers functioning in the room shall be connected to the Active Directory domain managed by UITC unless this is not possible due to technical or organisational reasons.
  4. UITC shall  provide students with individual network shares available for computers in classrooms and outside WPUT - the manner of using the shares is described at A backup copy of the data stored on the shares shall be made once a day. The UITC Director shall set an upper limit on the amount of data that can be stored on the share.
  5. A student participating in the first class shall undergo a respective training within the scope of using the computer room, including the network shares.
  6. The data being the outcome of student's work shall be recorded on the network share.
  7. The head of WPUT organisational unit where the computer rooms are located may determine other rules of functioning thereof.

 XI     The rules of purchasing computer hardware and its liquidation

  1. Computer hardware shall be purchased through UITC.
  2. A completed form, a specimen whereof is available on the UITC website (, shall be attached to the documents submitted to the Public Procurement Department. Based on this form, the UITC shall prepare an appropriate description of the subject of order.
  3. The description of the subject of order shall comply with the principle of rational spending of the financial resources, i.e. the properties of the computer hardware shall be adjusted to the actual needs of the future user.
  4. The computer hardware shall be delivered by the seller to UITC for a check-up as regards the compliance of its configuration with the description of the subject of order and for an initial start-up.
  5. In the event of a defect in the delivered hardware or any other type of non-compliance of such hardware with the contract whereunder it is supplied, UITC shall notify the organisational unit for which the hardware is purchased of this fact and shall call upon the entity wherefrom the hardware is purchased to remove the defect or other type of non-compliance within the time limit specified in the contract (and if the contract does not specify this - within the time limit specified by UITC).
  6. Should compliance of the hardware with the contract (order) be acknowledged, UITC shall deliver the hardware to the organisational unit which ordered it.
  7. Liquidation of computer hardware which shall not be further used due to technical reasons or repair costs exceeding the purchase of new hardware shall be carried out in accordance with the Instruction Establishing the Rules of Liquidation, Disposal and Transfer of Assets of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.
  8. Disposal of hard disks and magnetic or optical storage devices shall be carried out in accordance with the Instruction for Management of Non-Municipal Waste Produced at West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.

XII     Final provisions

Anyone who shall not comply with these regulations shall be deprived of the access to the services provided by the UITC.


The above Rules of Using the Information Technology Infrastructure are an attachment to Ordinance no. 32 of the WPUT Rector of 5th June 2019